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Offender Handheld Tablet devices:

The St. Landry Parish Jail has partnered with Brother’s Commissary and now offers handheld tablet devices.  Created exclusively for corrections, these integrated product offerings use cutting-edge technology to allow inmates to safely use corrections-grade handheld tablets as a multimedia communications, education, and entertainment device. The use of these tablets is a simple, yet effective and secure way to increase efficiency for facility staff while finding more ways to connect inmates to their friends and family. Available on each tablet is access to music, games, ordering commissary, completing grievances, requesting a nurse visit, PREA inquiries, account balance inquires,  and general question inquiries. Each inmate is allowed (15) minutes of free tablet usage every (3) hours, unless a gold pass is purchased which allows (24) hours of unlimited access. 

Family members and friends of inmates will need to register an account on to be able to communicate via messaging.  A 'Messaging Subscription' is required in order to fund your account to send messages or to open a 'collect message'. Once your Messaging Subscription is enabled, will bill your card for $5.00 worth of credits. Each message sent will deduct from your $5.00 credits, each individual message cost $.50.  When you no longer have enough credits to send a message, will automatically purchase $5.00 more in credits using the card you previously selected for the Messaging Subscription. The auto-billing service can be canceled at any time. 

Family members and friends of inmates can also purchase Gold Passes through  Gold Passes allows inmates to have unlimited tablet usage for (24) hours.  

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