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Incoming & Outgoing Mail:

All offenders are encouraged to maintain ties with their families which will aid in their rehabilitation process. No mail restrictions will be imposed except where such restriction can be shown to further an important and substantial governmental interest unrelated to the suppression of expression. These limitations will be no greater than is necessary to protect these specific interests. All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to inspection and is processed on a daily basis, excluding weekends and holidays.  Incoming mail will be delivered by a Correctional Officer directly to the receiving offender (within 24-hours during normal work days).  At no time shall the mail be distributed by an offender, nor accessible to any other offender.  Mail addressed to an offender who has been transferred or released shall be returned to the sender. Mail from one offender to another offender, whether incarcerated at this facility or another facility, is prohibited without prior written approval from the Sheriff or his designated administrator. Offenders found in violation of the provisions of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Both incoming and outgoing offender mail will be opened and inspected for contraband.  Mail may be read or rejected when the facility administrator or his designee determines through relevant information that the correspondence contains material that interferes with legitimate penalogical objectives (including but not limited to deterrence of crime, rehabilitation of offenders, or maintenance of internal/external security of a facility). Offenders are notified in writing when incoming or outgoing letters are withheld in part or in full. Senders and recipients of such mail are also notified.  Money found shall be removed and considered as contraband in addition any other contraband found shall also be confiscated. 

Offenders may send outgoing mail so long as it does not contain contraband, or is in violation of any laws, policies, or postal regulations. Envelopes for all outgoing mail must have only a mailing address, return address, and proper postage. Any graffiti, drawings or extra writing on an envelope beyond the previously stated is prohibited and the envelope will be returned to sender. Properly identified outgoing mail addressed to an attorney or a court (i.e. Legal Mail) shall not be opened or read by Jail Staff; however, the Jail Staff is permitted to inspect the outgoing mail in the presence of the offender.

Offenders may receive incoming mail from the public; however no outside mail containing contraband, sexually explicit materials, or unlawful contents is permitted. Offenders will not be issued the original envelope or the original contents within the envelope. During the inspection process for incoming mail, the jail staff will make a copy of the original envelope and a copy of the contents within the envelope. Legal mail received for an offender will only be opened in the presence of the offender and inspected for contraband items while maintaining the confidentiality of the correspondence; during the inspection process jail staff will make a copy of the original envelope and of the contents within the envelope, in the presence of the offender. The offender will be allowed to receive photographs through the mail with the exception of sexually explicit photographs. At any given time, an offender may only receive or retain up to ten (10) photographs within his/her cell. All additional photographs will be placed in the contents of the offender’s personal property. Packages sent to offenders through the mail without prior approval from the administrative staff are prohibited.  Any packages received through the mail without prior approval will be returned to sender. Any prohibited mailings or packages which cannot be reasonably returned to the sender may be subject to confiscation or destruction by facility staff. SLPCC Form entitled “Non-Compliant Mail” shall be completed in the event that confiscated or prohibited mail or packages are returned to sender. Offender mail must conform to the following guidelines:

  • Mail must display the offender’s first and last name and the sender’s first name, last name and address. The envelope or package may not have any other unnecessary writing, artwork, or markings displayed.

  • Paperback books must be mailed or sent directly by the publisher or an accepted online distributor, such as, Barnes and,, etc. (Amazon Marketplace vendors are NOT considered secure sources and are prohibited).

  • Book or books must be accompanied by an invoice listing the purchases, recipients, contents, and the name of the on-line store.

  • Torn pages or torn articles from publications are not allowed. Hardcover, vinyl, and leather bound books are NOT allowed. Offenders may only possess maximum of (3) books at a time.

  • Magazines and newspapers of any type or NOT permitted. 

  • Photographs may not contain nudity, partial nudity, or be sexually suggestive.

  • Photographs depicting gangs, gang hand gestures, weapons, drugs, or unlawful activities are not permitted.

  • Oversized packages or boxes will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender unless previously approved by the Division Commander. An oversized container is defined as any item larger than 9" by 12" legal size manila envelope.

  • Mail containing correspondence material (envelopes, paper, pens, etc.) will not be accepted. All correspondence material must be purchased through Jail Commissary.

  • Stamps and envelopes are accepted only when ordered or sent from the United States Postal Service website or locations.

  • Money Orders are NOT accepted at the St. Landry Parish Jail.

  • Mail containing items that cannot be inspected without being damaged will not be accepted.

  • Items containing foil or metal of any type will not be accepted

  • Items containing  glass, wood, hard plastic, or rubber will not be accepted

  • Hair, leafs, flowers, paper clips, jewelry, staples, whiteout, or colored paper will not be accepted

  • Heavy art paper, glitter, stickers, glue, tape, paint, watercolors will not be accepted

  • Tobacco products or other prohibited substances will not be accepted

  • Wall posters, travel brochures, catalogs, or any other item larger than a legal size paper

  • Credit cards, personal checkbooks, or original certificates will not be accepted

  • No food items will be accepted

  • No article of clothing or hygiene items will be accepted

  • Any item that contains any unknown substance or unknown odor will not be accepted

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