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Offender Funds:

All money in the possession of an offender at the time of booking shall be placed in the Offender Account Fund. For those offenders who have debt on their accounts from previous incarceration; 50% of the amount that is posted to their account will go toward paying off their debt. The remaining 50% of the deposited amount will be available for their use on commissary, phone time, tablet time, etc. During the offender’s incarceration in the St. Landry Parish Correctional Center, the offender will be allowed to purchase commissary items, phone time, tablet time, etc. The amount the offender spends will be deducted from the offender’s account.At the time of the offender is released from jail, the balance in their account will be returned to them; unless debt is owed. If debt is owed, it will be collect at the time of release. After the debt is collected if a positive balance remains then that amount will be returned to the offender.


Money may be deposited to the offender’s account anytime. Personal checks will not be accepted for deposit to their account, either in person or through the mail. Only the following will be accepted for deposit to the offender’s account:



  • Cash using the Kiosk machine located in the jail lobby. There is a $3.25 charge to deposit cash to an offender’s account using this machine.

  • Debit/Credit Card using the Kiosk machine located in the jail lobby. There will be a service charge taken from the deposit to the offender’s account when using this method. All fees will be listed on the kiosk screen before the transaction is finalized.

  • Internet Website:   This website will accept credit or debit cards. There will be a service charge added to the transaction when using this method.

  • U.S. Postal Service Money Orders only, can be mailed to: Inmate Account Management Fund Attn: St. Landry Parish P.O. Box 455 Prairieville, Louisiana 70769-0455.  The offender’s full name and ID number must be printed on the Money Order. The sender’s contact information must be completed in full. There will be a $1.50 processing charge deducted from the amount sent. Money orders not made payable as instructed will be destroyed.

  • An offender’s money cannot be released or transferred to another offender’s account. Offenders are not allowed to have money in their possession or in their cell while they are in the custody of the St. Landry Parish Correctional Center.

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