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Commissary is established for offenders to purchase personal items not provided by the St. Landry Parish Correctional Center. Offenders who wish to purchase items from the commissary must have sufficient funds in their offender account. The amount of the purchase from commissary will be deducted from the offender’s account. Commissary is a privilege and offenders who abuse it may be restricted from commissary through disciplinary process.

Commissary can be ordered twice a week and is delivered on Mondays and Thursdays; with the exception of holidays.  Commissary orders expected to be delivered on Mondays must be ordered on the Sunday before 10 P.M. Commissary orders expected to be delivered on Thursdays must be ordered on the Tuesday before 10 P.M.  A $150 weekly commissary spending limit is implemented for each offender on food and beverage items.  Offenders who don’t have sufficient funds to complete their order will not receive their order.  No commissary products will be passed between offenders or dorms. If an offender is unable to regularly maintain an offender fund account to cover the costs of supplies, they will still be allowed to order a monthly hygiene pack and toilet paper. Monthly hygiene packages and toilet paper are the only items that are allowed to be purchased through commissary without a positive balance on an offender’s account.  If an offender is transferred before commissary is delivered, the order will be returned to the commissary company for credit. If an offender is released before commissary is delivered, the order will be held at the jail and available for pickup for 72 hours. After 72 hours the commissary will become property of the St. Landry Parish Jail.

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