Austin Nacoste, Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Austin Nacoste
Phone: (337) 948-5825, ext. 3325
Fax : (337 ) 948 -5824



Deputy Chief Austin Nacoste is heading up Corrections for the St Landry Parish Sheriff's Department.  He currently supervises approximately 55 employees. 

Parish Jail

Correctional officers monitor all inmates as well as transport inmates when transferred to other facilities or to court whenever needed.

Corrections Staff

Contact Information:

Warden Wanda Gallien

(337) 943-2523 ext 3223
Assistant Warden Mack Shaw

(337) 948-5827 ext 3227
Bridget Vidrine
Administrative Assistant to Corrections/Commissary

(337) 948-5837 ext 3337
Major Glen Higdon
Administative Assistant to Corrections/Inmate Services

(337) 948-5845 ext 3215

Jennifer Bridges,
Bookings, Bonds and Warrants Supervisor/
Classifications Officer


(337) 948-5821 ext 3205

No inmate packages allowed


First Floor - Sundays only, 8am to 3:30 pm

Second Floor - Thursdays 5pm to 7pm (trustees)
2-A, 2-C, 2-D (Males), Sundays 8am to 10am
2-B (Females), Saturdays 2pm to 4pm

Third Floor - Sundays only
A Block 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
B Block 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
C Block 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
D Block 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Commissary Account:
Every inmate that is booked into the St Landry Parish Sheriff Department will have a commissary account opened. If the inmate comes to jail with cash or money orders the money will automatically be placed into his/her commissary account. If they come here with a check there is a 15 day hold in order to clear the bank and guarantee funds. Once the money is placed into the inmates accounts it will remain in their account, it will not be returned to you. Upon released or transferred to another facility the remaining money in his/her account will be given to the Inmate.

Money cannot be added by calling Infinity networks. They different ways are as follows:

  1. Going to any money gram location and send funds to a company named IICC, the receive code will be 5873 and the account number will be the inmates social security number.
  2. Two different websites or (both website will require the person to know the inmates social security number)
  3. Kiosk machine in the lobby that accepts cash, credit or debit cards (this option can be used by knowing the inmate’s first and last name)
  4. We do not accept money orders at our office but they can be accepted by making a US postal service money order and making the money order out to Inmate Account Management Fund, ATTN: St. Landry  (Inmate’s First, Middle and Last Name)  and mail it to  Inmate Account Management Fund, PO Box 61808, Lafayette La. 70596. (this option they must know the name of inmate)

Money that is placed in the inmates account will and can be used to purchase store orders, calling cards and charges that occur for Parish Government Ordinance 2005-0008.

Calling Cards: Inmates can purchase calling cards from the commissary accounts or the family can set one up for them by calling Infinity Networks at 1-866-681-2948. Once they have the account set up thru Infinity Networks, they then need to go to any money gram location and add money to the account. They will have to send the money gram funds to IICC. The account number will be the 11 digit number that Infinity Networks have given them, and the receive code will be 4173. Next, have the family member mail the 11 digit calling card number to the inmate or give it to the inmate on visitation day.

Family members can check the balances on the calling cards they set up for them by calling 1-800-256-2148.

The Parish Government Ordinance consists of the following:
A non-refundable charge will be deducted from the inmate's commissary account for the usage and sanitary fee of the following items: Towel, Washcloth, Two Sheets, Pillow, Pillow Case and Blanket. The combination of the nonrefundable hygiene package and the usage/sanitary package will cost a total of $14.50, which will be deducted from my commissary account at time of booking.

On a monthly basis all inmates will receive the hygiene package for the price mentioned above, unless they refuse to accept it.

VA Transport

The St Landry Parish Jail has a van that transports veterans to the VA Hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana on a daily basis.

District Court Bailiffs

Each division of the St Landry District Court is assigned a Bailiff that is responsible for assisting the Judge keep order in the court as well as other assigned duties by the court.

Bookings, Bonds and Warrants

Bonds and WarrantsThe Bookings, Bonds and Warrants Division is headed by Jennifer Bridges and is staffed 24/7 in order to provide uninterrupted service to the citizens of St. Landry Parish.

The Bookings, Bonds and Warrants Division processes all bonds which are posted in the parish.  This includes Commercial Bonds, Property Bonds, and Cash Bonds.  Commercial Bonds are posted for those individuals wishing to bond out of jail by using the services of commercial bonding companies.   Property Bonds, which may be posted by family members or friends of an individual who is incarcerated, require that the owner of the property obtain an updated tax assessment of the property being used as collateral for the bond. 

For Property Bonds in excess of $10,000, a Mortgage Certificate and a up to date Tax Assesment. The Tax Assement can be obtained from our Civil Department which is located at the St. Landry Parish Courthouse.

There is a $15.00 processing fee associated with the Property Bonds which must be paid by Money Order. 

Cash Bonds are a third option and must be paid in full before someone can be released from jail. 

Commercial and Cash Bonds are processed on a 24/7 basis while Property Bonds can only be processed Monday through Friday from 8:30AM-4:30PM, excluding holidays.  The department typically processes from 300-500 bonds per month.

All Bench Warrants issued by the judicial system are processed by the Warrants Division.  We also verify  all Bench Warrants using court minutes from the Clerk of Court's computerized database before any arrest is made on a Bench Warrant.  No one can be arrested on a Bench Warrant without verifying the validity of the warrant first.  The department processes from 10-100 Bench Warrants per day. The Bookings, Bonds & Warrants comprised of two booking deputies and one warrant deputy.