Richard Williams


Major Richard Williams
Civil Process Executive Officer
Phone: (337) 948-6844
Email: richard@slpsheriff.com



I have attended and passed numerous Accident Reconstruction schools such as Northwestern University Traffic Institute courses on Traffic Accident Reconstruction I & II; Arkansas State University course on Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction as well as numerous other seminars and training programs.  (See Resume, attached)

Work History –

In Law Enforcement, I started out with a local Police Dept for three years before being hired by the Louisiana State Police.   I worked for the State Police for 22 ½ years, and served as the Traffic Homicide Investigator for Troop I, Lafayette, LA.  While with the State Police I have investigated over 2000 auto crashes and supervised hundreds more.  I have reconstructed well over 100 crashes with the State Police as well as a private entity.   After retiring from the State Police I continued to work in the Accident Reconstruction field as a private consultant.  As a private consultant I handled mostly defendant work in civil litigation involving articulated commercial vehicles.  My expertise in Accident Reconstruction can best be described as Field Inspection and At Scene Evidence collection and documentation.

Currently I am employed by the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office with the title of Civil Process Executive Officer.  Under my direct supervision are Fleet Operations, Search & Rescue and Risk Management.  All aspects of Fleet Operations, Station, Shops and Personnel fall under my direction.   As the Fleet Safety Officer I chair the Fleet Review Board and respond to and investigate all accidents involving fleet vehicles.  Under Risk Management I handle all cases involving General Liability and Auto claims that result in claims and lawsuits involving the Sheriff’s Office.

Expert Testimony

I have reconstructed auto crashes in three different states, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi and have testified in all phases of the judicial system, Federal, State and Local.  I have been qualified as an Expert Witness in Accident Reconstruction in multiple Courts in Louisiana and have never been denied expert status upon being challenged.

Search & Rescue Commander

As Search & Rescue Commander – responsible for the supervision of assigned Search & Rescue / Dive team members whenever the Team is called out for Operations.  We currently have five (5) water vessels that are used for different rescue scenarios, depending on the type rescue.  We have two large 24’ vessels that are used whenever large water searches or Dives are required.  Assigned to each large vessel is a Vessel Captain, Diver and Diver’s assistant.